My refrigerator is off again

It looks like the circuit breaker is blown. this happened once before this year when the power was off for like a day. Now it seems just the refrigerator isn’t working. Luckily I don’t have a whole lot of food to spoil. Just some milk and hotdogs. I think the American cheese and butter won’t spoil.


Just flip the breaker.


Thanks @TomCat I don’t think the circuit breaker panel is in my apartment. I’ll check the closet by the front door just in case.

Well gee, it’s back on now, and I didn’t do anything. Does a rolling blackout just cause the refrigerators not to work? Maybe someone else complained to the maintenance guy, and he looked at the breaker panel. There isn’t one in my apartment.

Someone told me they said on the news there may be blackouts because of the excessive heat we have been having.


Glad you got it fixed! You don’t want your food to spoil.


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