This is the third day that

My power is out. No electricity. All the new food in my refrigerator is bad. All $168 worth of it just to be tossed into the trash. Such a sad waste of money. And I don’t have money to just throw away.


When we had our power out for over a week last year we ended up putting our food on ice to keep it good. So if you have anything that is still salvageable, you could consider that.

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I remember when there was a run on ice, though. mine was only out 24 hours.

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If I remember correctly, the city did have a program where they replaced lost food after power was restored though.

yeah, maybe. my parents were pretty much camping out in the backyard,
and the electric company didn’t reimburse them. geez.

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Maybe everyone is using their air conditioners and putting a strain on the power grid in your city.

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