My Reevaluation is tomorrow

5 years ago i was diagnosed at psychosis not otherwise specified which after a few years turned into schizo from dealing with doctors long enough. i was partying and using drugs alot back then and something tells me it was just a side effect from the partying btw i was pretty good about not talking about it to the doctors. I was going to talk to the psychologist tomorrow about possibly changing my diagnosis to bipolar type dx. Idk i dont really have any hallucinations and if i do they are about once a year which could be caused from my medicine im on the max dose of injections right now. Also all i do is pretty much lay i bed and read or get on the computer listen to music and do research. so im wondering if i started taking bipolar medicine if i would be more active in life and be able to get a job? any thoughts from the online community regarding this?

A diagnosis is necessary for a clinician to put on forms so that the insurance companies will pay. People prescribing these medications merely treat symptoms with medicines.

Good luck on your re-evaluation, I’m assuming it is to keep disability benefit, right?

As far as taking advice, my therapist heavily suggests I start B12 supplementation, and also incorporate more greens & start introducing fish into the diet. I’m really looking forward to more energy & motivation, which is what I lack at the moment.

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no actually my disability hearing was last year during the summer and i got denied later on it was revealed to me by a different lawyer that after you work your disability insurance runs out after so long and mine had run out 6 months prior to the hearing so they never told me why really they denied me so i can not get on disability and even if i tried to appeal it would be even harder since theyve already made one decision. which the judge i got was abitch cause he denies more people than he approves the second lawyer looked that up on the review site.

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I recommend you print out this and use it to help guide your discussion with the psychologist:

my reeval went good he even gave me some tips for dealing with hearing voices and dx me as schizophrenia whereas before it was schizoaffective

Good to hear. Thanks for the update.

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If you want disability simply appeal the decision and keep fighting it. I worked as an architect before getting ill and I had several long stays in mental wards before I applied for disability. I wish you luck and welcome to the forum.

thanks jukebox. i worked a couple years as a professional dishwasher but after that i couldnt keep a job for more than 3 months over the course of about 5 years or so or til now. im in the process of getting on social security and since disability is too much of a hassle to keep reappealing and only getting turned down. and since the judge has already made a hearing since i made a in person appearance they think that its already over so they will deny it everytime the only other or next appeal would be a federal court appeal and the turnover rate with them is almost you never win