Disabilty review coming up

I have my first review hearing on February 11, with a state psychologist since my doctors will not co-operate. I am worried and I really need to get to another doctor soon; I have not seen a doctor since about November.

I don’t really want to start meds again but it might be what is best for me, I just don’t like the feeling of defeat.

i hope everything goes well for you.
take care

Good luck and I hope you find another doctor soon as well.

good luck sage xxx hope u get through it ok. xxx

good luck, yet if you dont want those meds… couldnt you stop taking the meds?

I have to take medication for depression and anxiety disorder and also sleeping.
I only took the medication for maybe 2 months then stopped because I didn’t feel it was helping.
They brought a new nurse in who says she thinks I have psychosis which is linked with schizophrenia, I left the place before them properly diagnosing me with schizophrenia and psychosis because I couldn’t deal with the place anymore,but I believe I’m clever enough to diagnose myself ya know?
I have been getting hallucinations since I was really young and hearing voices a bit but as I got older and a traumatic thing happened it made me schizophrenia get stronger I guess even my mum knows about my hallucinations and hearing me talk to ‘myself’ when I was young etc.
It was fun though when I was young sometimes because i was transported to different worlds it was so fun and happy, but obviously I got really scary things happen too. I have always believed my ‘hallucinations’ are real it’s just other people obviously have tried to prove me wrong but I think the ‘hallucinations’ are real things from different worlds that I can only see

Simply not taking them is kind of dangerous, I have not taken them for several months and there are good days as well as bad days. However, would I feel/perform better on medication? Maybe.

Some days I noticed a definite difference after taking medication; the issue arises when you think you are ok but you are actually not.

Good luck to you on your disability review. Hope things work out for you. :smile: