My racing greyhound

dissapiontment last night, my racing greyhound turned around in the trap/box on his offical trial, i got stressed, anixious, and dissapionted because the he turned in the box and because it was very busy there last night.

on a better note, im not giving up and i will be more wiser next time plus i got his race card last night, his race card is like a log book for a car.
its for offical racing.

last night i saw the owner of a racing greyhound that broke the track record he broke the track record in 2012

i hope the hound snaps out of it

Racing is pretty cruel man, you risk hurting your dog real bad out there.

I would have to advise you to avoid involvement in dog racing, it will eventually lead to heartbreak.

i disagree… its great exerise for my pet dog!! my dog enjoys it

racing is not cruel, its a sport

how do you know a greyhound doesnt enjoy it anyway???

Whats happening is racing is exploiting the dogs prey drive. This is the opposite of responsible dog training. You want to teach your dog to assimilate and not be a threat to other animals. When they race they clock into their prey drive and run so fast they often critically damage themselves just through the pure force. A fractured Hock is the most common career and life ending injury. Research your own tracks injury records. They probably don’t keep any because its detrimental to racings image.

If your dog breaks their leg in a 30 second race, what then? You will be denying that dog the opportunity to run for months, in a best case scenario. The dog will cost a fortune in vet fees. It will probably die or are you ok with treating them as disposable? Greyhound racing as an industry does. I have 3 unwanted greyhounds, one with a permanently broken and deformed-healed leg. I hate greyhound racing. I don’t just disagree with it, I hate it probably more than most things.

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