Racing grey hound

i had one 10 year ago and it won many races, im thinking of buying a pup and when its old enough and race it

How do you train a dog to race?

Sounds like fun. Do you let them retire with u when they’re old?

greyhounds natrully run to kill rabbits, have you ever seen a greyhound race, its big business money wise

great just train it recall well lol or you wont see it for dust,

I feel bad for greyhounds that race and i wouldn’t support that business either. The greyhounds a lot of times are treated poorly.

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Greyhound Racing circa 1920’s

You don’t support that industry. Fair enough, that’s your opinion

Other animals have it far worse.
Do you support the livestock industry ??

No. I don’t eat meat often and i buy organic meat where they have been humanely raised. thinking about going vegetarian though.

its a sport the hounds enjoy it

I’m not going to argue or commment further… I’m not here for that. Do what you like but i hope the sport is outlawed in more places!

cool, there is a lot worse things to worry about then greyhounds racing after a teddy bear

Jesus there’s no need to attack runnergirl. Last I checked this was a forum where ppl stated opinions and we accepted them, not belittle them or do whatever it is you’re trying to do. Take a chill pill.