My psychiatrist is no drug pusher

I was expecting to walk out of my doctors office with a new prescription for my rapid cycles - mood shifts. I told her that I did not take the prescribed gabapentin she gave me. I thought she was going to be upset about it.
The truth was she was not upset with me because I was taking my klonopin for anxiety and she was ok with my decision. She told me that I can increase the Klonopin dose a bit more, and she did not prescribe me new meds - she was concerned about my liver health and diabetes. She told me that because my moods shift rapidly, I do not stay in a deep depression for long. She wants me to continue on the Lamictal and Risperdal.
I just found it to be a refreshing change that a psychiatrist was not blindly pushing drugs down my throat - she said that I should watch my diet (low carbs) exercise and meditate/ relaxation techniques.
She reassured me that if ever my moods shifts become longer in duration or if mania settles in she will give me new meds - she was genuinely concerned about my physical health it seems.
I thought that it was very responsible of her - what a refreshing change!
She even told me that sometimes these meds do more harm than good - this really took me by surprise!


Sounds like you have a good psychiatrist. Great news.


Thanks @SzAdmin - I really was impressed with her honesty

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I’m really happy for you to FINALLY find a doc who will listen and not just pour drugs down your throat.

Very cool. It’s great to have a doc you feel is on your side.


Hey J - The thing is that this woman is a Master at medication management, she is board certified in 3 different categories and her background is in neuroscience, she is more than capable - She is considering my physical health so is not over medicating me and is using caution- I really am grateful, and I do trust her judgement