My Psychiatrist and Therapist have switched roles

My Psychiatrist is increasingly becoming anti meds believe it or not - she has been encouraging non medication techniques for me.
She is pushing good nutrition, deep breathing, yoga and meditation on me.

My Psychiatrist does not want to give me more meds if she can help it, she told me that sometimes less is more - she is very focused and concerned about my diabetes and physical health - she has been very pleased that I managed to lose a lot of weight.

My PHD Therapist on the other hand feels that I need more meds, she feels that CBT IS NOT ENOUGH and wants me to talk to my pdoc about giving me more meds.

My Therapist seems to be very pro meds.

I can probably use more medication as my OCD is off the charts - but the main medication treatment for OCD are SSRI antidepressants, and I cannot take them (Mania - mixed episodes)

I listen to my psychiatrist first and foremost, but my therapist might have a point as well - I personally do not want more meds - I am trying to manage my Anxiety/OCD with non medication techniques and it is kind of helping.

My physical well being and health is important to me at this point of my life - Right now i am focused on my physical health - focusing on good nutrition, weight loss and better blood sugar control.

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good on you…your shrink seems to have a more balanced approach. :sunny:
take care :alien:

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My goodness man, please, PLEASE stop obsessing so much over this stuff. You are obviously in need of some treatment. My thoughts are anything between getting laid and getting a new pdoc. I think both would do you a world of good, honestly. Almost every day you freak out and start talking about all this OCD/Anxiety stuff. Not really even much psychotic substance in your posts. Maybe balancing your time between this site and an OCD/Anxiety one would be a good fit? Just food for thought…I may well be out in left field.

Your way out in left field

Okay, didn’t mean to poop on your parade. As you were.

Hey! You’re kyping my story! (Seriously: BTDT, and it SUCKS. No mas anti-D’s of any kind for this kid ever again.) (“PTSD-induced bipolar with psychotic features.”)

NOW… if you have “mixed episodes,” is your pshrinque hip enough to understand what that is neurophysiologically? If not, she needs to bone up.

Because the “depression” she is seeing is almost always a rebound effect from the longer-term mania OR – and this crucial for her to understand – the sfx of the anti-P med used to tamp down the mania.

(If she doesn’t get that, she needs to sit her butt down in front of Robert Sapolsky, some Bruce McEwen, some Peter Levine, some Sonya Lupien, some Hans Selye, some Joseph Wolpe or even some Herbert Benson… and get her house in order.)

(Off my soapbox and back to my convo with Sarad.)

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