My primary dr’s response to

Yep sounds reasonable to me. Who cares if you’re sane if you’re morbidly obese, hate yourself and are going to die at 45 from the health issues related?

Weight gain is no joke and a lot of doctors tend to just brush it off. Zyprexa is a killer for weight. Some weight neutral meds you could try are abilify, latuda, geodon, saphris, and rexulti. Geodon actually made my friend and I lose weight.


@Anna Yeah. I don’t think Zyprexa is worth it. I’m still being followed and recorded at 15 mg. I know that’s not the highest dose but it doesn’t give me much hope in the drug.

People gain too much weight with Zyprexa. There are better medications. You could talk to your psychiatrist for a med change.

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I was on zyprexa for 2 months. I remember being ravenously hungry and mixing whey protein powder with water and eating goo. I didn’t gain weight. I don’t think it lasted very long but I don’t remember.

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Olanzapine is an evil drug. There are much better options out there.

I am very angry I was even put on that in the first place.

Well I don’t like it but there are people on this site who swear by it