My poor sister has been through it

So her divorce was granted. She’s just waiting for the papers. That man has shot at her, choked her, told her nobody else would want her. 20 years she’s been with that man. She’s left him several times but always gone back. She has a rare disease that puts her in pain 24/7 and he would steal her pain meds. She said he is a drug addict too.


I’d call getting shot at ,a red flag that your relationship is just a tad rocky.


He’s also held a gun to her head. Over the years we all (in the family) thought that man was gonna kill her.

I was just joking of course, Loke.

I have a strange sense of humour when I’m stressed. I truly hope things work out for your sister. :sunny:

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I think it probably was the right thing to do to go through a divorce. I went through a divorce in America in 2000, almost exactly 20 years ago, but I have not received the divorce papers. I gave them one address in Europe where to send these papers, but I have not received them. Maybe the papers are lost in mail.

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She’s hurt. She just found out yesterday that he moved a woman with an infant into their house. She’s devastated that she thinks that baby may be his baby. The man never worked ever and lived off of her disability money all these years. (She has Elhers-Danlos Syndrome)

I’m glad she left him. And it sounds like it’s for good if he’s with someone else. That is a blessing in disguise.

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She’s just really hurt over it. She said he was never home and when he was home he screamed at her all the time and she didn’t want to have sex with him bc of how he treated her. I said,” well, Cali he had to be getting it somewhere”

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Yes, that is why we broke up, metal.

@Gagis. Where did you learn all those languages? How did you do it?
I’m learning Egyptian Arabic on Pimsleur also MSA but it’s been difficult

My father was a prodigy, he went to the English school in Nicosia aged six, the teacher used to let him do the gardening because he answered the written tests faster than the teacher could write them on the board, he used to help all the other students as well, he built supercomputers for his first job before buying one for himself, he retired when the wall came down and went into consultancy, now he has to negotiate my life intrusions for me so that I can work :frowning:

I don’t know where my Amharic Ge’ez girlfriend is, she kept trying to make me jealous by hanging out with her relatives pretending they were lovers, I told her it was a big commitment, she offered to clean and wash for me, but I couldn’t speak her language, she said she hated the man who invented money, I said it served a purpose, if you see her again tell her she’s lost.

She said she’d be rich :slight_smile:

Also have a rare disease. Rare disease on top of struggles in life can be difficult.

Your sister is a strong person. I’m cheering on for her.

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I don’t need your help, I want to see her again, that’s all, salude.

Sorry Laetitia that wasn’t aimed at you, at Loke!

Milas ligo elinka Loke, tengo una amiga chipriota, she’s sick :frowning:

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