My piano teacher was very embarrassed when

he was showing me an article in a book and came across a passage which read “musical masturbation”. He’d know…It made me ashamed and I did quit masturbating and it helped my concentration. It did make me more distant from myself, though, but a lot hotter toward others.

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haha. That gave me an image of someone going to town to the music of Beethoven.


Chordy you say the craziest things. Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hey, my life has been a crazy thing.


Yes you’re life has been crazy lady

When I can laugh about it, I’m doing better.


@chordy How old were you?

I was 19. 1515151515151515

That was totally inappropriate of your piano teacher.

I think he forgot the phrase was in the reading. He acted surprised and inhibited.

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