My pdoc doesn't give a cotton-picking fuck about me

My neutrophils tanked on clozapine. I don’t want a refill of it since I already have ■■■■■■■ pneumonia, I don’t need to die. The pharmacist tried 3 times to get the doc to do something. He called them all day, eventually getting shitty with them. I called 3 minutes before they closed. The doc supposedly reviewed my lab work and said to continue. Except I know that is horseshit because I have a “follow my health” account with the doc’s office, and I’m notified whenever lab results are reviewed and made available. IF the doc HAD reviewed my results, she would have at least ordered twice a week testing. So I got lied to, and I know it. Finally, they totally forced the pharmacist to tell me there would be no more medication until a later point. What a dick move. Now I’m on no meds, and am too afraid to use anything in my stash because I still have clozapine in my system. No one even said what to do now…I need follow-up testing to make sure my neutrophils recover. This clozapine has been one big goddamn motherfrigging nightmare. And I’m now adrift with no meds to prop me up. Score one for my pdoc. ■■■■ the patient in the ass, that’s the way they work.

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So we really need censorship? Are we all 9 years old and developmentally stunted…too much like infants to be able to say what we want?

Adrift until when? When can you see your psychiatrist again?

Who the hell knows. They didn’t even give me the option.

You need to talk to your pdoc about getting on another med. Clozoril is often considered a medication for people with treatment resistant sz. How many other meds have you tried so far?

I had a friend that went meds free after reacting badly to clozoril which she took for borderline personality disorder, as in ended up in a general hospital.

She is now meds free but is not stable in any sence of the word.

Phone the psychiatrist tomorrow yourself. Remember it’s Friday tomorrow, so the weekend is fast approaching.

If you’re not able to get in, try an ER or an urgent care clinic. This is ridiculous.


I just spoke to the on-call doctor. He said he wouldn’t do anything, and to call tomorrow. I told him I called from 830 am to 455pm today, and got nowhere. No one called me back. The pdoc is out tomorrow. His response? Well you might just have to wait until Monday. ■■■■ this ■■■■,

That is just bull ■■■■ @anon40540444, i’m sorry.

An oft told tale . . . On the other hand, there are stories of psychiatrists going the extra mile.

I travel lengths to get a med provider with whom I can work.


Can’t you go to the ER? This is ■■■■■■■■.

Do you have other anti-Ps in your stash? Are the dosages on the bottle labels? If so, you can pretty safely use them to tide you over. The lion’s share of typical and atypical anti-Ps are cross-tolerant.

Just make sure that what you take in place of the Cloz =is= an anti-P. If you don’t know for sure, you can go to this link to check:

Anything happen today? Did you ring them?

Yeah, I called first thing this morning. Still waiting for a return call.


You will get in touch with your pdoc soon, I’m sure of it.

Hope that things get sorted out for you soon @anon40540444 - Hang in there buddy!

Is your p-doc at the VA or at a tax-funded community clinic by any chance? ('Cause what you describe would be The Way It Is dealing with the VA Health System and most public health clinics in the US.)

It’s also getting more and more that way at private clinics dealing with a high percentage of Medicare, Medicaid and Medical patients.

The “system” has never been in real good shape, but in an age where such a high %age of the overall population is on psych meds, it’s getting worse.

Which is – after my experiences with all three set-ups through 1990s and early '00s – I said, “Enough is enough. There’s got to be another way.” And I found it in all this over the course of about 10 years:

Schematherapy –
Learned Optimism –
Standard CBT – & scroll down
10 StEP –

How did it go? Did they call back?