My parents were suicidal stinkers who blamed their children for making them live

Oh, I’m hot tonight.

you really have to let go of the self loathing for yourself and the hate you have for your parents.
for what you have said on here your parents were idiots/horrible people.
but dragging that rubbish with you through out your life is self destructive…you are better than this.
just my sith opinion.
know some one cares.
take care


You misunderstand, darksith. This comes to me as revelation. This is learning. This is enlightenment. This lifts the burden.


Helps sometimes if you understand why they were like that. Your age and the age of your parents wont help in getting the answers though So I agree with darksith dwelling on it without more professional help with it will just led you no where.

sorry i misunderstood, i was just concerned about you.
take care

Hence the accountability, only way to reconcile really, only way to put it to rest so we can move on.

The absolutely best poem ever about parents and what they do to you is This Be The Verse.

When I start to dwell on how my parents raised me. I try to stop and tell myself, They did the best they could. They are small, closed minded people who didn’t know any better. They were just repeating what was done to them by their parents. It sort of puts it in perspective for me and I can move on with my life knowing I won’t make those same mistakes they did.

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That sounds like they’re dragging you around and keeping on the whipping post at the same time. I say just rest your head and cool down??

Did anyone’s father throw their severed cheek into a garbage in front of their 5 year old son?? Comon people it could always be worse?