My parents think I pretend non stop

They think I pretend even when I have a fever.

Though I never was the person which lied about my mental or physical health.

It’s very annoying they believe I am a liar and pretender. And it’s sad.

I hope I could interact with my parents less and less.


Do you live with your parents? In your early 20s is normal to be wanting to leave the nest.

Later on life, if it’s a normal relationship, usually you tend to want to interact with them more.


I live with my parents but spend more time at BF’s place.

In short - my father abused me physically and mentally. Mentally my home is a horrible place. Name-calling etc. my pdoc wish me to leave this place as fast as it’s possible…

I don’t know if later in life I will be willing to communicate with them often


That’s not healthy either… just in my opinion :sweat_smile:

It can burn the relationship quite fast. Been there done that.

Since you’re working, can you afford a cheap place?

People live together. I don’t think it’s bad.

My income from work is not enough for renting a place.

I believe together with my bf we will find a solution on what to do.

Because living with my parents is horrible, they use alcohol every evening… :confused: and well there are some other aspects. They’re very toxic


My parents are much better now, but we’re awful when I was younger. I think not living with either of them is beneficial because I can let things go and shrug it off since I’m not with them all the time. I hope you find a good and healthy solution

I wouldn’t want to know what it was like for my oldest daughter. She lives with her bf and seems very happy. I’m happy for her. I feel like I wouldn’t be able to give her what she needs if she was here. If I had a basement or little apartment above a garage, she’d be happier, but I just don’t have that. So I’m glad she’s somewhere good and with a good man.

I hope that things work out well for you.


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