My opinion on DNA testing and experience

I had an Extremely expensive DNA test to see what medicine is best for me and it was all wrong, medication that I’d had severe adverse affects to and that didn’t work. My psychiatrist told me not to do it because it is “Junk Science” but my GP and new prescriber, a NP, pressured me. It cost thousands of dollars my government paid for me, but I’d say look into it to see if it is Junk Science before you charge it or pay out of pocket.


I had a DNA test to see which ap’s I would metablose best, but it wansn’t expensive. I wish I knew the details of the test so I could pass them on. The pdoc looked at the results and recommended an ap I should try if my currrent one stops working for whatever reason.

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My old pdoc who’s retired now said that this would be the future.

Sorry you had a poor experience

Wasn’t aware it was so expensive!

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My pdoc also told me it’s not really solid science. So, didn’t take the test. But maybe the tests get better in the future and it becomes the new norm.