Dna testing?


Has anyone had this DNA test or something similar?

Genetic Testing for antipsychotics?

No psychiatrist has brought up DNA testing for me.
You mentioned that Medicare doesn’t like paying for it, I have Medicare maybe this is why.

I know that my Aunt went for DNA testing to help her find the right antidepressant for her.
I think that she found it helpful and got on a med that is helping her.


i recommend going to the FAQ page and scrolling down the the mental health information, very interesting, i wonder if it could be possible to use it over here in the uk, idk if it has been asked for over here before but i think i will ask my p/doc next time i see him.


My pdoc is a nurse practitioner. She was convinced that serequell was a good solution, then my teeth clenching was reported, so this was suggested.


@NiceHat did your nurse practitioner lower your Seroquel dose?
To help with the teeth clenching?


She did, but it’s down to the lowest dose now.


Is it working for you at a low dose?
or are you considering to go on to another AP


My psychiatrist suggested it for me but it costs over $300 here and the government doesn’t give you any money back for it.

Besides, I’m settled on Invega so I don’t really see the point for me.


I didn’t try, my face and teeth really hurt, even went to the dentist. I’m off meds for the third day.


I hope that you feel better soon @NiceHat and get it resolved quickly.


I would pay 300bucks for this if it was in my country. Id love to know what meds are best for me.


What country are you in? I contacted them, it’s $599. I cannot afford it right now, I hope the insurance covers it.


new zealand, i think id save up for it even at that much its worth the money if its correct


I have had DNA testing and it has helped me a lot


Getting mine done by a company called Genesight- I’ll keep you updated. Mine was covered by insurance.


Can you link me where it says the test is 599 i cant seem to find it im interested it maybe doing this myself as there is international service :slight_smile: nvm i see you contacted them ignore my question


I hope you get on the right meds soon @NiceHat. I’m sorry about your mouth pain. I have different pain with Risperdal sometimes.


I contacted them using the chat and asked.


I’ve had mine taken a couple of times because of a study I’m part of, but I haven’t been told if they’ve found anything yet.


my nurse called today with the results of the DNA test sent to Alpha Genomix.
She said it claims that Seroquel, saphris, or latuda are the best meds for me.