Genetic Testing For Finding Best Medication Fit

Hey everyone,

I just had my cheeks swabbed for genetic sampling to determine what medication would work best based on my genetics.

Has anyone had this done? Did it result in different/better/worse medication?

I don’t know why I didn’t have this done 3 years ago when I was first medicated.

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Is it free? I am sure its not free here in Canada…

I did it. Didn’t do much. Luckily, it was covered by my insurance.

As far as I’m concerned genetic testing for meds is bogus quackery. :duck:

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I think it sounds a bit bogus as well

I had the GeneSight test done 2 years ago, I paid nothing because I have Medicare but the results didn’t help at all. What I should not have work at all was what would work a tiny bit. What was supposed to be my wonderful take this list either did nothing, made it worse, or I was allergic to it.

But we did find the mutations that show I cannot metabolize, digest, absorb. Etc a lot of vitamins and minerals. Like folic acid is one. Which with all my pregnancies would have been wonderful to know, but the crotch goblins turned out ok.

If you don’t have to pay for it, get it done, but make the pdoc go over the results with you. The ■■■■■ I had at the time wanted to have me make a new appt after she handed me the packet of results to go after them even though I was scheduled for it to be done that day. I sat there and said I pay you to tell me what this says, now I have 25 mins left I’m paying for, explain these.

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