My one scary tattoo

I have 6 tattoos that I got done when I was in my 20’s.
Yeah I might have been manic during this time but I don’t really regret my decision on getting these tattoos.
Well, I like my tattoos but I kind of regret getting this one tattoo done.
It’s on my left underside of my forearm and it’s very creepy.
So creepy that it gets instantly noticed and people will usually comment on how spooky it is.
During my psych hospital stay a couple of really tough guys who were bullying everyone instantly stopped harassing me after they spotted that one tattoo on my forearm.

It really leaves a wrong impression about me with others.

I was thinking about having it removed but it’s easy to cover up with a long sleeve shirt.

My other tattoos are harmless enough.


If that tattoo stopped you from getting beat up I’d say keep it dude. :thinking:

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