My obsession and compulsion with substances has been lifted I feel

Psychedelics—none of them work (since I’m on H-D abilify), except marijuana. But I’m sick of marijuana cuz it makes me manic. Doesn’t make me psychotic but makes me manic
Opioids-even if I wanted to do it gets blocked by naltrexone
Coke-, even if I wanted to do it, gets blocked by abilify
Alcohol-gets blocked by naltrexone
Other illegal stimulants=mania/psychosis
Benzos-never got me high before anyways

Only thing I enjoy is, the other day I went to the pizza parlor and had a beer and had a great time. But I think that’s OK to have one beer for the taste. Without getting intoxicated.

My meds make it hard to be an addict or an alcoholic. 3 beers and I’d pass out. The drugs don’t work. Except weed. But the risk isn’t worth it. I think I’ll focus on school instead. But I really feel the Obsession and compulsion has been lifted. I used to be OBSESSED with substances. I wanted to be hunter s. I wanted to build my life around using. But that obsession is GONE. The meds help a lot but maybe I’m also growing past it. I feel the longer I’m on naltrexone the more the addictive personality deteriorates. Yeah I had my fun with weed when I moved out to WA but it’s gotten old now. I’ll stick with one beer and my naltrexone. But I don’t feel like an addict anymore. I know I have the gene but it’s controlled. Thank you God!!!


Hunter s was not a wise man, despite the fact that he is loved. His suicide ending is something we MI should be painfully aware of as we avoid that lifestyle. It’s a good thing you do not do those drugs anymore. I know you are young, but don’t go back.

Really happy for you Jon, hope it stays that way :slight_smile: We will never go back!!

I’ll stick with one beer and my naltrexone.

:frowning: I thought you were going to AA. If you just want the taste of a beer, why not try non alcoholic beer.