My new 'wife" told me she has "romantic attachment disorder"


I am so done with her. She hadn’t called me for the last four days and I was very worried about her. She called me last night and told me that it wasn’t my fault. That it was her fault. And that she had “romantic attachment disorder”, whatever that is. I told her yesterday on the phone, that I don’t want her calling me anymore. She can’t seem to make up her mind as to whether she wants to be with me or not so, I am making up her mind for her. I am done. Kaput. I am happier alone than with that stuff.


Why did you marry her if you feel better alone?


Sorry things aren’t working out Gina. If you loved her enough maybe you’d deal with her stuff but it doesn’t sound like she’s causing you anything less than troubles.

Or maybe you do love her and that’s why you go back. Idk something to think about. Do you love her ?


Sometimes nothing is better than some people.


Will you be able to stop talking with her? Or will you go back?


I really don’t know. I am crazy I guess.


We’re just platonic friends now. I feel better with it being that way. No emotional threats.


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