My new tattoo (got it today)

I absolutely love it! :grin: The psi is a symbol for psychology/psyche so, yeah, got it as an MI thing. The pic isn’t the greatest, since I took it myself in the mirror, but the tattoo came out looking great. The psi/diamond was my design, but my artist took my idea of filling with green and turned it into something better :slight_smile:. It’s actually on my left shoulder, with the comedy/tragedy mask tattoo (symbol of bipolar part of sza) on my right shoulder.



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I see Psi as the schrodinger equation.

Thanks, @Cherie, I think so too :grinning:. It was only 45 minutes of tattooing time, my artist works fairly quickly, and not a painful location. My artist and I carried on a conversation almost the entire time, which helped pass the time and kept me distracted, gave me something else to think about. We had what was mostly a political discussion, and I don’t really agree with all of his politics, but still it was nice, a nice distraction since I went alone, no friend with me to distract me, like usual.

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Lol @SP2342, I remember you saying that when I posted on here a couple months ago about my plans to get this tattoo. I’m not a math guy. I was always very good at math, scored in the 99th percentile on the math portion of the ACT (Midwestern version of the SAT), but yeah, I find math boring. That’s why I changed majors from chemical engineering to biology two years into college, considering chemical engineering is just math with a chemistry background.

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