My mother thinks I should stop reading anything about mental health on the internet



The more you know the better you can help yourself.

And it´s very handy to describe what´s going on to your pdoc in more medical terms.


i think it is ok as long as you are not belieivng every single thing that is out there.

i like to read about nutrition and mental health in the past. i think that is ok

just get a reality check with ur cpn and proffesionals, like their view on things u discovered maybe :))

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I think it’s good to read information and learn about schizophrenia. It helps me.


where do you read it from?

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I bought some books about psychiatry and I have learnt a lot.


i think the most interesting thing i have read about sz is dopamine supersensitivity

also gluten and dairy and sz.

and inflammatory stuff which i cant remember lol

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You’re mother is trying to protect you. I’m sure to her she thinks something along the lines of “garbage in, garbage out” but I hope you realize that in this case knowledge is power.

Reading about delusions makes me vulnerable

I can’t seem to do this. My CPN just try to downplay things all the time because he treats me like a baby thinking that he can brush off everything and not take any action.

The psychologist is not much better, and there is a 18 month wait where I live to see a therapist. As you can imagine waiting that long for something to find out it doesn’t help is not good.

My psychiatrist seems nice but he doesn’t have the time to go into much detail.

Even the Autism specialist said to me that he would be on the call last monday to help the doctor, but he never bothered and won’t respond to emails

I think she means generally. I forwarded her an article yesterday which she has not read yet, but she wants me to drop everything, including going on mental health forums

That’s how I feel, but I do know I have a tendency to focus on things until they become obsessions.

Maybe that’s what she thinks I am doing.

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well, i kind of agree in a way, the majority of things we read aren’t beneficial, however that’s life and you need to persevere through all the rubbish to get to the gems.

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Obsession about learning? I think this is a good topic to become mildly obsessed with… And drop it when you are tired of it.

Yep. If I discover something online, I can spend hours focusing on researching it to the detriment of getting my other things done at home

Then may be obsession about looking the internet, which isn´t that great

If its medical and im looking up stuff - i try to stick to the NHS websites. Or NIMH sites. The rest i see i take with a pinch of salt. Its too easy to believe someones un-proven rubbish they have posted on FB / youtube …


maybe if u sumarise the most important thing out of what you rsearched online. Like @Naarai said, if it is an official website on mnetal health u wont really need to worry too much about its reliability but other stuff obviousy yeah.

surely ur psychitrist has a bit of time to go over something in way that can give u some reasurance even if it is just a brief but concise explanation :s ?

i mean my psychiatrist did, even if it was via her signposting me

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As long as it is from reliable sources, there is nothing wrong with getting info from the internet. It is important to be knowledgeable in your illness.

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