My mother in law got approved by disability

We’ve been waiting months for a response and she got approved first time around.

I can’t believe it.

Its great because it takes some of the financial strain off of us and also gives us options if she needs to go to an assisted living facility ever.

Regardless, its good news.


That’s excellent! Also pretty uncommon. Did she need a lawyer?

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No lawyer,

She just got approved.

Its kind of a miracle.


Oh thank God, this is good news. I’m glad her disability worked out. I hope this is at least a small part of the load off of your shoulders.

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very good! I’m sure it really will help.

happy to hear.

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Good luck!!!

Its actually just the opposite,

Now that she has disability we can look into facilities that can better take care of her needs.

I don’t want her money,

I want my life back.


Why did you change your comment?

Because it was a shitty thing to say?

I didn’t!!!

what’s wrong @Tyme, you seem to be coming down on people lately.

what can I do to help>

I’ve become cynical lately.

I hope Rex can get what she needs in the end.

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ok. I can be critical at times too,

but I’m trying not to get suspended again.

Just wondering. hope your mood is okay.

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I mean, we can see the little edit sign on your comment. We know you changed it. There’s nothing to be ashamed of though. You saw that your comment was wrong, so you changed it. You can own that. It was a good first step.

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Grest! Now you have a light at the end of this tunnel!


Congratulations @anon54386108!


Don’t give me lip services about how to be a kosher forum member. You’re involved in the most drama around here.

Couldn’t just let it go?

You’re such a drama queen.

Yes you’re right. I see drama brewing and I want to help. All I did was say that it’s good that you edited the post because you knew it would start drama. I apologize if it came off as condescending or anything like that. That’s not how I meant it. I was trying to compliment you for avoiding making a scene and ending up suspended. Anyway, I wish you only the best. :heart:

Congratulations, @anon54386108 . You’ll begin to feel like a new person, I’m sure.


Congratulations!! What a relief. I’m glad it takes some stress off of you.