My mother has inspection at her house

My mother has an inspection at her house by two people from the housing department next week on Thursday. She had a routine inspection like a week ago. But they are coming back.

I don’t think they are happy with the state of her house. My sister has filled it with so many animals, like rabbits in cages and a rat and bird. Also a couple of the rooms upstairs my sister has used are extremely messy, just a pigsty.

I think my mother is in a little bit of trouble about it. @zeno @rogueone.


Maybe the housing authority can help get the place cleaned up a little. It sounds like that might be a good thing.

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That would never have happened to my mother, may she R.I.P. My mother was a clean freak. Even with a million animals, she kept her places clean. I, unfortunately, didn’t take after her.

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