Ever wonder what i am doing

i am getting ready for my hud renewal , for the year, they come and meet with me and the land lord , to discuss the house and the shape its in. this means cleaning places i don’t like to clean, and have thing up to code. altho this place is in a flood zone. i think the earth quakes may take it first. 12 this year alone. it is a ground level 2 bed room brick cottage . in a closter of them. wish you ware here to help me clean you old friend Dr Zen


I tell you what @DrZen. You clean your house and I will clean my house, at the same time. That way we will be cleaning the house(s) together.


I have to clean my house, too. House cleaning party on the forums!!! I’m going to do mine Thursday while my son is at school.

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@ninjastar Drzen and I are in central time zone U.S.A. What time zone are you in. To do it at the same time we will have to figure out what time zone everybody is in.

I’m in EST but I’ll be cleaning from like 9-3 so there’s plenty of time to party in.

I dislike vacuuming stairs.
I reckon it sucks and I have to vacuum stairs once a week.ha ha ha

It’s the stairs to the main building.
My landlady said my rent is to vacuum n clean the stairs.

I think Sunday’s will be my cleaning days.

Good you are to clean Dr zen.
You others too🙂

How often do you clean at home?

I clean once a week.

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I have no plans for Thursday 8 to 2 is good for me.

@SacredNeigh7 I clean so little that sometimes I think I would be better off taking a bulldozer to it and starting over from scratch.

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