My mom made me feel insecure

About anything ever being wrong with me. Whenever I would get physically sick or have mental health issues as a kid she’d say I was faking, scaring myself into thinking I had something or that whatever I was experiencing wasn’t actually that bad and I was being dramatic. So then when I got older that turned into my own inner narrative and I am having to learn not to beat myself up anymore when I have problems.

I still am always so anxious that whoever I see for health reasons, whether mental or physical, will think I am faking or just a hypochondriac. I actually play dumb quite often and pretend I know less than I do for fear of coming off like someone who googled a sickness and is now convinced they have it.

I am pretty sure now my mom wasn’t really saying those things to me but to herself, trying to convince herself whatever I was going through at the time wasn’t a big deal so that she wouldn’t have to worry or do anything about it. One of my mom’s biggest personality flaws is she always sweeps things under the rug for fear of rocking the boat. But it really messed me up and made me anxious to ever ask for help for anything. I love my mom very much and wouldn’t ever tell her this because I know it would hurt her. She is learning how to improve slowly.

I relate to this all so much. My mom did the same exact thing, I think because she was scared and just trying to reassure herself. And now I always assume I’m faking it or being dramatic. It makes it hard to commit to treatment, sometimes.

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That’s why I dropped meds so much in the beginning, I was thinking to myself “I don’t actually need this, I’m getting side effects because I don’t need it and I’m not REALLY mentally ill” etc. It was a mess.

I guess the best we can make of the situation now is to remember to not do the same to our kids when or if we have any.

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my mom is like that too it’s infuriating.

She’s perfect and I’m always wrong/// just because she’s older eh? Nonsense I can attribute half my problems to her.