My mind is a bit off

I’ve been worried about the state of mind all day.

I thought my computer was someone else’s and asked my mom if she bought a new computer (the light made it look so clean lol). I felt foggy and off the entire day. Then I looked at my dad a few minutes ago and I felt like he looked so young. Something about him looked different.

I feel not myself anymore and I sometimes worry that I’m in beginning stages of dementia. Why do I feel this way?? I’m honestly really worried.

It sounds to me like it has a lot to do with the depression- my dr attributes a lot of the similar symptoms I encounter to it. I tend to agree that it feels disconcertingly like dementia- my memory is shocking most of the time and I’m always in a fog. It really sucks, so I very much hope it gets better for you.

Sounds like you’re going through a rough patch. Make sure you get enough sleep and don’t exert yourself is my advice.

Give your mind a chance. It can be a little off and still be nice.

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