My med buddy had a hard night

My poor Dad had a bit of a heart glitch and ended up in emergency yesterday evening.

He got all checked out and gets sent home in a few hours.

It turns out, he didn’t take his heart meds. He ran out and didn’t think it was imperative to get the prescription filled ASAP.

He was going to get around to it… well, then he went for a run and the heart palpitations and the shortness of breath started and the numbness in the left arm… The rush to the hospital, the heart checks… He’s doing Ok. Mom got him to the hospital quick and he was sounding better and had his natural color back when it was time for us to leave.

Now the docs just want to make sure that his heart didn’t suffer any damage. So far he’s on track to be released this morning. He’ll be Ok.

It was odd hearing my Mom’s old lecture… “If I had one wish, it would be that you finally get that there is a connection between taking what’s prescribed to you and staying out of hospital. Why won’t you just take your meds? Why?”

It was odd having her say that to my Dad and not me this time.

It’s also odd for me to see that it’s not just me, everyone hates being on some pills forever. I’m a little rattled and amped up about this, but glad my Dad is going to be fine… if he just takes his meds.


Hi J - I am glad to hear that your Dad will be just fine, sounds like you are handling it pretty well - Yeah all kinds of meds, including heart pills are important to take on a regular basis. My Dad and I keep my Mom on track with her heart meds - Hope the rest of your day goes well and dont forget to hug your dad when you see him!


Thank you for that. I’m doing better now… I think.

I will be giving my Dad that hug. He’ll need it. Because now he’ll have to face an angry Mom. Now that my Dad will be ok… NOW my Mom will get angry. People are funny.

I’m lucky in that I have a buffer… My family never really tells me bad news. They tell my sis bad news and have her tell me.

I get very insulated in my day. I do appreciate that but I also hate it a bit too.

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I’m sorry to hear about your dad’s health scare. Ive been in quite a few of those with my dad. I manage his healthcare and my sister helps out.

Just a few months ago, my dad started taking half of his prescribed dose of his heart and BP meds to save money. After about a week, the effects appeared and he had a cardiovascular event and had to be rushed to the emergency room.

He turned out to be ok, but it really frustrated me that he toyed with his meds without telling me or my sis, who take care of him. He’s 65 years old and has been taking meds for most of my life. HOW could he think its ok to mess with them?!

I find it ironic that we have to force ourselves to take meds everyday, and yet our parents–who demand that we take them–dont take THEIR meds!

I’m glad your dad turned out to be ok on this one. Hopefully he learned a valuable lesson, like my dad did.




A heart glitch like this one is frightening. Glad that your dad is OKay now. It turned out to be a lesson about never skipping your med.


I’m sorry you had that scare James. But I’m glad your dad is ok. Heart problems are scary. I’ve had some scares myself. They just determined it was nothing after running some tests. I think when you take pills you don’t realize how much they help, it’s easy to just figure “I pop these pills, but I don’t really need them, I feel fine.” I get mad at my mom because she lets her meds run out and she has to order them through the mail so she has to wait for them when they run out. I know for myself with this sz, and probably for you too, that we’ve learned how much we need our meds. Our parents haven’t had the same scary experiences so they don’t appreciate how much they need the meds. Although I’m sure after this experience your dad won’t let that happen again. I wish the best for you and your family. :sunny:


:boom: :boom: I couldn’t have said that better… exactly

I have to admit, it’s been helpful having my Dad understand… NOT wanting to take meds for something forever. We have sort of bolstered each other up.

When my Mom would ask… “did you take your meds?”
I would get SO ANGRY and be irritated the rest of the day.

But when my Dad would say… “Ok, I took mine… how did you do?”
That seemed easier to cope with… and then I would remember to take them.


I’m glad your dad is ok and that hopefully nothing serious came of him not taking his meds. :relieved:


I’m glad your dad is okay, it takes scares to make anyone compliant; we’re stubborn creatures!

I’m glad he’s okay though and that there’s no lasting damage.

Go steady,


Glad everyone is going to be ok.
Parents want their kids to do all the things that the parents themselves fall short of at times. They want better for their kids.
J., hope you`re feeling better


i’m glad he is alright, your mum is amazing.
take care


My Dad is fine, no major damage, just a good scare and a body reminder to take his meds. We all gave him a hug. He got discharged just fine.

It’s odd to be the one calling him… “I took my meds… how did you do?”


My parent’s skip their medicine too. I have to fuss at them a lot. I always think to myself it’s the carrot and the stick principle. We have a large stick.

I am glad your dad is okay.

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