Help please

Dad stretches his pills to make them last longer. Convinced because he used to take depakote until money became more of a priority. Now he exerts his brain to scare me I guess. It is mentally disturbing when he is around. He’s got a bag of mind games. But in adjusting to the immediate living situation. My meds are good and I am tired and my mom had a diabetes crisis last night and I only got 3-4 hours being honest. He is away now and I think I feel better. I am teaching him a lesson how u got to anticipate meds for a rainy day thanks everyone

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What do you want help with? I don’t understand your post. Have you come off meds?

Everhopeful! Hi! Yes my lithium level needs tested and moving has been a 2 month obstacle.

I found out to stop looking dismally.

If he will let you do the silent treatment, may be tolerable. Just cook him some food, go to your room.

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Right sounds a bit tough , all the best.

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You’re short on specifics about your dad. Maybe you could give him the benefit of the doubt. Just block him out. Don’t take what your dad does personally.

I have found that the more work I do around the house from jacking up trailers to laundry the less workload the more happy he is the less stressful for me.