Memory. What has cost you?

Today I had a direct impact.

I left my dads meds in my cousins place.

And forgot to keep it back in the car.

I am scared if my dad will see another day.

I am telling him I will go get it, he is making me to get angry. I dont understand him ever.

Its just total of 60 kms and its 11:30 PM

He is taken his insulin but there are other couple of meds, I am not even aware of which meds.

I informed him I will go get it, but I thing some ego clash between family.

Its pissinge off. Health or family ego?

I wish I wish I wish I had money,

Now I am feeling its all planned out by my brothers family and my relatives.

I wish I had a voice in my family.

Never ever they hear me out …

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I’m not fully understanding, sorry. Are your family and your dad saying you shouldn’t go get the meds for him? Are they upset with you for not getting his meds?

Yes going to pick meds now.

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Drive safe! 1515

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