My life is pretty good

i have lots of free time. it does get a bit boring at times. but i like it. wish i had a little more money is all. still looking for a part time job, so that i can get some home improvement projects completed.

my weekdays are nice, i have radio and a little news, and sports is starting back up to distract me. i get a walk on my treadmill each day. need to find another hobby or two i enjoy and i’ll be set.

voices are minimal. a little negatives. have a little socialization but not too much to be overwhelmed. and we are always taking a trip, every 4 months or so, when i get sick of this place and need to get away. nowhere exotic, but i can visit the mountains or the beach and pretend to be rich for a couple days.

it’s pretty good. im so not ever going to go back to full time work, im content.


Damn. If I was able to work I certainly would. Being on permanent vacation gets old. Also I’m one of these people that thinks if you’re able to work you should work. Unless I mean my cousin doesn’t work but she’s a stay at home mom. So she’s not disabled or anything. Her husband just pays for everything.

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Learning to appreciate what you’ve got is a big step in the right direction.


I’ve lived in the same mobile home for 21 years and I love this place but if I could handle being in public I would leave it all, pack up my stuff and go to WVU and learn languages and study linguistics.

If I could go on a date it’d be in the library cos I’m a nerd and proud of it. Sorry. I’ve said the same crap over and over. Y’all already know this stuff.


Yeah. My dreams are bigger than I am, too.


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