My latest tattoo idea

I got the idea from one of my favorite musicians, Waylon Reavis. He has the word “unbroken” tattooed on his forearm in large, thick letters. I like that message, thinking about getting it going up along the side of my lower leg. Life has thrown a lot of ■■■■ my way, yet I am still standing.

I still want to get the skull tattoo that I talked about a while back, but this is another idea. It will be a while before I can get either, at the earliest when I get my taxes back in February or March, but then it depends on how much I get back. I have too many other debts to pay on right now, but I always try to have at least a little fun when I get my taxes back, then put the rest toward my bills.


I like it…

Next tat… hmm … prolly a veeking knot wrist band with various cultural sumbols woven in… and a pair of ravens in the design… for if i ever meet my potential even the gods will watch with delight…

I see a lot of mexicans with Dwayne Johnson inspired tattoos on their shoulder and sometimes chest. Usually the Aztec calander is on there somewhere.

For example

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This is what I have in mind. I tried every font that Word 2013 has to offer, and this font in bold is my favorite. I still would have my artist make a few changes, particularly to the k, the r, and the n’s. Like I said, though, I have plenty of time to think this one over.


It would suck if you broke your leg after you got that tattooed on it


Lol didn’t think of that.

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Love it :heart_eyes: it is beautiful and yea to the lettering

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