My kung-fu is strong

…with a camera. Here’s the bulk of an engagement photo shoot I did this past Sunday evening:

(Click image to see entire album on Flickr.)

Having SZ has not stopped me from being passionate about photography and it certainly hasn’t prevented me from honing my skills.

Don’t. Give. Up.


Quality work. So cool you have picked up some emotion with these photos. Very cool.

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Your pics are impressive but your attitude and “can do” philosophy is what makes you an awesome person to have on this forum. Thanks for all the positives you bring here for all.


I didn’t want to be here at the diet symposium tonight because they had me fasting for two days beforehand. But I tightened my belt and I came. Just like David Carradine.

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Wah ! :astonished: they’re amazing. Great job !

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that sky on the picture on that first post is something mysterious and great at the same time…wonderful dude…

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Really beautiful!
Great job @velociraptor!

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