I've had a very good couple of days in row now

And as the forum software won’t let me abandon posts I’m going to let you all know ! :smiley:

I left the house and went over to my brother’s place. We watched a dvd over the weekend. I had to pause it at intervals to take a break due to concentration issues but got through it just fine.

My camera arrived. It’s going to take me a month to figure it out. But it’s kind of forced my thinking out of my head and onto the real world around me. I keep thinking “what would make a nice photograph”. :camera: instead of “what’s going on inside my head”

And I’m generally in good spirits.

So good days happen.


you know what is the first step right?


YAYY!!! I am happy to hear.

If you make an insta account, share it with me!

Hope to see a lot of picture posts here and good luck with your new camera! :slight_smile:


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