My journal is my best friend

I can write whatever comes to my mind, sometimes paranoid thoughts, my feelings and anything that comes to my mind.

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I used to journal. But I’ve had my journal found and read and that turned me off to it. But when I did it I found it very helpful

I started keeping my journal daily in Feb 1999 in America. Sometimes when I go back in time and read my journal entries, I find some of these entries totally unrealistic. For example in Sept 1999 in New Mexico I illustrated how they communicate into people’s minds with the modern satellite technology using new neutron beam technologies. Now afterwards I know that some entries are totally delusional and paranoid, but at the time when I wrote some entries it felt so realistic.

I completely understand that. I still feel like I’m being watched and recorded. It’s awful and it doesn’t end. It must be a relief to look back and see it in a different perspective

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I only write alot when I am psychotic and thats when I make plans

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