My idea is likely going ahead regardless

I am trying to get a web chatroom mentioned on TV or radio in order to let the audience escape and work in their millions. There’s a good chance I will succeed.
My friend from school has worked in the media for over 20 years and is at the top of the TV industry. On Facebook he has about 300 media friends including presenters and executives. He can easily get the words “you need a darkweb chatroom” mentioned on air. If he logs into Facebook for me then wars and politics are over.
At work I have now known my colleagues for 18 months and they will be happy to record a video with me on my phone asking my media friend to tell extremists and revolutionaries amongst his many media friends. I will ask them when we next go for drinks within the next few weeks then send the video to my media school friend on WhatsApp. If my colleagues agree to record the video it’s over.
If someone wants to help me stop wars and save lives before then – let me know. It’s fairly easy for the idea to take off. The jealousy on this forum is literally through the roof but stonewalling on here won’t stop this idea now. My colleagues will record the video asking my friend then that’s it. My media school friend will then tell his most rebellious media friends and they will do it.
The audience won’t reverse it now as they did previously.

Why do you think a chatroom being mentioned will stop wars?

Good question -thanks

It is my belief that there are many more people against wars than are for them. Announcing a chatroom enables the sensible anti war majority in the region to act to stop the wars. They go online and see the information to stop the smaller number of war supporters. Thank you.

Well, good luck.


this sounds a bit grandiose, tell your colleagues at school about it and see what they think.

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ok. I have chatted to them before about it. They know me very well now. All my ideas.

How old are you? Where are you from (country)?

middle aged. British isles.

. Plenty of people organize and protest and push legislation all the time.

I’m not positive what you think a chatroom will do. What exactly will be done to stop wars and terrorism?

Thanks for your reply. What I am saying is that there already is enough people to stop bad things in the world. More people are good than bad. By providing a chatroom you give the coordination for the good to win (they outnumber). Everyone is better off. Terrorism and war will finish once a chatroom is mentioned on air.

Chatrooms are not popular anymore. Most people prefer social media.

You’re not saying how wars will be stopped. People have talked and organized against war for years. I’m not understanding how just saying "we have a chatroom " is going to stop anything.

You realize terrorists don’t care about the internet except to share their own words? Terrorists aren’t scared of anything, really.

Ok but it does no harm to send a huge audience against a tiny number. Surely a sledgehammer to crack a nut? However we are not going to agree. Please can you simply agree with me that my idea does no harm? Thank you. Mentioning a chatroom on air does no harm. I am going to do it.

I don’t have anything against it. I’m just interested in why you think it will suddenly stop wars. Would be nice. Best of luck to you!

Thanks. I am going to bed now and enjoyed the chat. Speak soon!

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You do know that’s been done 1000’s of times. You do know you would have to pay for advertising this as it’s not legal and you wouldn’t even be able to do anything on public television or radio anyway. I don’t even think anyone uses chat rooms anymore except for extremists plotting to do something horrible or for porn. It’s not really sensible. There are literally thousands of these type of videos/protests out there on social media and YouTube! You really think you opening up another one of many chat rooms is going to demilitarize anything? I agree that your thinking is way off and I would have asked your age as well had someone else not. I’m going to be honest with you right now and you won’t believe it because you’re in your “zone” right now, but this is the most likely outcome if you get any attention at all from something this old school. You start a chat room, (which I’m sorry but it won’t be on tv just not going to happen) you will attract the extremists or mentally ill something could happen, but it would be something bad where someone gets hurt. Then that’s when you get your media, but they are investigating you since you started it. They discover your mentally ill and any arrests or possibly hospitalizations and that gets plastered in the news and the headline will be another bad article about how schizophrenics and mentally ill people are a danger to society. Then they will write about what we’re tge warning signs that could have prevented this. Do you not see where I’m going here?

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There are already a lot of chatrooms on the dark web by the way.
That’s why I mentioned your idea seems grandiose as it won’t stop wars.
Plus how on Earth are we to help you when you ask for us to help you stop wars by supporting need for darkweb chatrooms.

Youll likely find more supporters for that if you went on a darkweb chatrooms yourself lol

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Your answer is frankly bizarre. Why would I pay for advertising to get a shout out on the radio? That doesn’t make sense. My friend has got me on TV before and can easily put me in touch with a presenter. The presenter can do what he wants on public TV. It’s totally legal for my friend to work in the media.

Where we differ is that you think that people acting in their millions together in a chatroom is a bad thing because freedom is bad. I think freedom is good. There is absolutely no harm that can come from this idea.

Those chatrooms haven’t been mentioned on air - yet.

My colleagues will support me and it’s all the support I need.

Thanks again.

Because radio stations don’t give away airtime for free. Stations are expensive to license, staff, equip, and run. Television is many more times expensive to keep going than radio.

Not really. There are all kinds of laws governing how you use licensed spectrum in most countries around the world. This is why I – as a hobbyist – have no interest in even running a LPFM. My little online radio station is Net only and staying that way. I like living free of as much regulatory burden as possible.

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The broad general themes of the objections to my idea is that freedom of speech is somehow dangerous and illegal. My diagnosis means that people won’t accept me yet all my colleagues and friends know about my diagnosis and history and are fine with it.
The reaction on here is exactly what I expected. People’s over eagerness to point out delusions of being grandiose means that no one on here will accept my friend makes the top TV shows and is friends with presenters. I have been on TV already.