My high school days

I was just remembering my high school days. I smoked pot 4 times, and I never got high. I’m thankful that I never got high, because I would have gotten addicted to it. They say that it takes 3 times, in order to get high.

I didn’t smoke pot until I was 19. I started smoking cigarettes in 12th grade though. I was drinking alcohol some in high school. I’m an alcoholic now

Yeah, I believe it isn’t uncommon to not get high the first time you smoke pot.

Hmm I miss high school I did weed alcohol and mushrooms but I had fun during school when I wasn’t high. It wasn’t all about drugs. I tried cocaine when I was 17 the summer after I graduated and acid shortly after. I’m glad I don’t take drugs anymore!

High school was fun. I remember the first day of school I was still awake at 5 am smoking cigarettes and watching Vietnam war movies on tv. I didn’t go to my first day of school. I had a girlfriend I’d been with a while. I wasn’t interested in school at all which is odd as I am now an avid reader. I made some new friends and started using drugs like LSD and mushrooms. I played the drums and played percursion in my high school band. I hung out with punk rockers. I liked to drink. Got beer any chance I could get. Played in a basement band. I dropped out the first week of my junior year because I had been absent so much I would have had to go until I was 19.

I smoked pot everyday in 9th grade, that and spice lead to my psychosis.

When I smoke weed it’s like a bad acid trip for me, so I stay away from it.

I was so unpopular in high school the unpopular kids would gang up on me and toss me in the dumpster.


My high school didn’t have room for the 9th graders. With just the 10th, 11th and 12th grades we had over 4000 students. It was easy to fall through the cracks. I got kick out for not showing up. Got my G.E.D. and never went back.

I started smoking pot and cigarettes in grade 7 when I was 12/13 yrs old and drinking alcohol. I’d go to school off my head sometimes or just not go at all for days on end. My teen years were pretty hectic but I’ll just leave it at that.

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