My head is wrecked

the voices pester me from one thing to the next

my head is wrecked

my pdoc tells me ive tried all anti psychotics, but to no avail

what do I do now?

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It might be worthwhile giving this a go

2 people have said that it quieted their voices.

Here’s the link to buy it


Ask your pdoc first though. Don’t just take it willy nilly.


I second that. There’s always the chance that something can go wrong, so, if your doctors know what you were taking they have a better chance of helping when things go sideways.


Have you tried therapy?


@John_Raven I talk to a therapist, but it doesn’t really help

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Have you tried clozapine?

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@Moonwalker… I was on it three times but my bloods went into the red, and now the company wont let me go back on it as its too risky…in ay case it didn’t do much either

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Work on your voices one voice at a time, teaching them that they are irrational.

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