Please someone save my life

Being chased by someone, at home was bullied by some girls, hopefully the government is not after me, they think I am saying some things I am not, this makes me nervous, I have celebrities mad at me and people wanting me dead and telling me I am dying soon, no decent or understanding people out there. I am seeing my pdoc tomorrow for a phone appointment. I don’t want to die nor my loved ones. They called me all these names at the market. Please someone save my life.

Good, tell him what you think and feel.
I think you should try Clozapine.
What meds are you on?

I believe @see121 is already on Clozapine.

@see121 nobody is going to hurt you. Please tell your doctor tomorrow that you’re feeling this way.

Do you have anything to take that would calm you down ?


I would call my doctor too and probably should do so when they get back to work. I really don’t know but Zypadhera doesn’t do nothing to the voices at all for me. It’s only helping me to be in shape. I fear trying anything else though as this med works fine for the body. No big side-effects either with it. Not sure I’d like to lose the good parts from this med. Decisions decisions…

Meds reduce the intensity of your belief in the voices and delusions. No med can stop everything related to voices. I still have suicidal delusions about going to heaven faster and no more schizophrenia etc but I don’t act and carry on with the suicide. Without meds I do and nearly died 4 times and nearly killed my brother 2 times.

I hear them say this to me, For a brief time I have people say they are going to kill me everyday. I just thought it was celebrities even though I never said anything to them
now it is the government. I am really afraid. I think they are going to kill me. Why do they want me dead?

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I’m not gonna stop receive the Zypadhera injections either. I’m doing pretty fine atm. The inmind people are there though. I dunno, I might keep up with my angle to try psychologically do the rest as much as I can. The biggest lowdown is not fighting back and rely on the " I can’t be treated like this " as that’s been seen so many times already, that that’s where ‘they’ stab me. Anyway, stay strong people, you’re all great here. :slight_smile:


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