My head is burning.nightmares starts

After i shot xeplion 150mg my head start to burning and my dreams became nigthmares. İ will stop this …cking injection and i will take abilify but i m not sure stand aganist this nightmare 2month.anyone feel this situation at abilify?I CAN T TAKE IT ANYMORE.!!!

Get your psychiatrist to talk to you stat. I’ve been told mental illness does not affect dreams we have but I think that’s a load of horse ■■■■ judging from my own experiences. Also talk to your therapist because if it isn’t because of meds maybe you have some underlying psychological issue they can talk you through.

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I don’t. I take abilify pills.

keep talking to your doctor, keep him informed and up to date with your situation, if its late try talking to an out of hours helpline, they settle me when i’m having a bad night, take care