My grandmother is dying

Since yesterday, all she does is sleep and her breathing is shallow. Me and my mom went to see her in the nursing home yesterday and today. She’s 94 and all I can do is cry for her

They think she will go in her sleep

I’m sorry kelly these things happen… she lived a long life…

I’m kind of a heartless athiest but uhhh if you need to someone to talk to feel free

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I am sorry for your pain - I loved my Grandmother very much

Sorry Kellie…

My grandmother is early 70’s (?) has lung cancer. They gave her five years. She’s the last grandparent I have alive.

I don’t know, I’m feeling positive about it. I’d rather people go peacefully out of here rather than suffer just to stay alive. At the end of the road of life, even if death is permanent… it’s still a better outcome then living forever in a dying body.

Hopefully there is “another side”. There has to be. Think of all the injustices of younger people dying, especially children, that didn’t get a fair shot at experiencing life because of early terminal illnesses or accidents. Think of murder victims too… everyone deserves a second chance, especially them.

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There couldn’t be a better way to go than dying in your sleep. She has lived a long life and she will go to a better place. Thank God you had her and be glad that she was a part of your life.


94 is a pretty solid age. I think the real test of emotions begin when close family members start dying, such as parents or siblings. That’s when I think I’m really going to start feeling the flip of switches in the brain to “faith mode”. :hatching_chick:

sorry Kellie :heart:
take care :alien:

I’m sorry. It is really hard to watch someone you love die. I hope she doesn’t suffer at all.