My Goals for today! Anyone else?

to eat within calories and healthy!!
to exercise for an hour
to talk with the recruiter for that job and set up an interview date
to work

the little stuff that i need to work on

to make my bed
do laundry a
take a shower before work and after working out. :slight_smile:

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today I have to go to work, but it’s green house work again… :relieved:

Get ready for school tonight,

Wow, today is looks pretty mellow when it’s typed out.

you are so lucky to have that job!! how did you get into doing it?? did you just start mowing lawns??

I got on with the city as a part time janitor through an out patient program. So they already knew about my drug and alcohol past. It was really part time mopping floors and cleaning windows before the community center opened. So there were only a few other people in the whole building.

When my meds got switched and I started feeling better, I volunteered to help a bit with the pool cleaning. Then the community center found out I knew a bit about swimming pools and pool chemistry so I got up to 5 or 6 hours and still worked before everyone got in.

Then when the job to work outside part time came up it sounded like fun, well… It sounded like I could get away from people. That was two more hours. So I was at 8 hours a day, but not all in the same place so it felt like three tiny jobs and not one big one even though it ALL parks department.

Then it was mowing the golf course and striping soccer fields and on and on it went until a full time position came up where I could work at the out door pools and still help with the parks.

So I tried for that and got it. So in winter I’m on less hours and in summer I do get really busy. But so far it’s been working really well. I’ve had this position for a year and a half.

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what’s really nice is they know you have a mental illness and addiction problems. and you can work outdoors. Also that you still have mental health problems while you work but are capable of doing the job!! Happy for you! i wish more people with mental health problems could find rewarding and decent paying jobs like that!

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I’m not the only one in the city. The city took 6 of us from the outpatient program. We had to really look like our drug and drinking days were behind us. There were a lot of drug test and we were required to prove that we were still seeing some one to stay on track. (that could be our pdoc, our therapist,… someone)

Two of the people work at the Aquarium and two others work at the Zoo. One of the other galls works with the recreation side of the city parks and rec. The city still hires from that out patient program ever two or so years. I was one of the lucky ones.

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Nice! but they really do it for addiction and not mental problems right?? i know the two go hand in hand a lot though. I wonder if they have something like that by me. I would love to do that. :slight_smile:

They did it for addiction, but I’m sure they knew about the mental health they had access to my file because it was part of the deal. The panel interview was all questions about my drug use and how long I was clean. They didn’t mention my SZ.

But the boss I have Now knows full well because I told him. He has had the coolest reaction to date in my mind.

I know that my son can get help working through the programs that he is in for mental illness. I know of another mother who’s son got a job through the same type of program. I don’t think they disclose what type of mental illness but there are a lot of programs that advocate for jobs for people with different types of disabilities as there are a lot more equal opportunity employers now.

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My goal for today is to get to the gym where I’ve been just once in 3 weeks due to weather and depression. It’s been a good vacation in many ways, but I don’t want to slack off any more. Well, I might want to slack off but I won’t let myself because I know the exercising is very good for me.

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I got a therapist appointment, two classes today and an exam tomorrow. Im gonna have a crappy night with my logic notes and textbook. Yay. But tomorrow I just sit through french, take the logic exam, then I am free for the rest of the day.

Squats tomorrow! I ordered my own powerlifting gear yesterday, I have been using the belts and wraps at the gym but they dont really fit and are worn out, so Im happy to have nice new gear that fits me perfectly. New belt, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps. Ready to lift heavy things!


well seeing as it’s 4.10am in the uk, my first goal today is to get some sleep. hopefully i won’t wake with a migraine. i have a list of jobs to do around the house and take the doogies on their 2 mile walk. then i’m going to make a sausage casserole with mash for dinner if i feel up to it and take my daughter to her vocational job. hopefully a busy day lies ahead. all depends on the migraine situation. fingers crossed.

It’s friday here and it’s early in the morning. I am meeting up with a friend to get in a swim and then some breakfast.

Off to work for a few hours. It’s a short day today due to some over time earlier in the week.

I posted my on-line homework yesterday evening. I hope to finish the rest of my math homework this evening before the weekly shopping trip.

The kid sis and I have a family meal to get through for Saturday. We are two weeks away from our favorite cousins wedding. I have to get a suit.

Start work at 10 AM. Finish at 6:30 PM. Then go home and make supper. :fork_and_knife:

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Today I am tired and drowsy. I managed to wake up and arrive at the workplace early. I could manage the job. I went home and took a nap after I delivered an application letter to the government in the afternoon. I slept well.

I decide to keep sending application letters. I need a job. I think I can do a little more.

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I used to lift weights a bit when I was in my twenties. I loved wearing the belt. There’s a real, tight feeling you get, like you can conquer the world when you strap one on. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic but I always liked the feel of wearing a weightlifting belt.

My favorite exercise was the upright rows. Beastly feeling when doing those.

Maybe I should start doing some form of exercise again. My body has degenerated incredibly over the past two decades.

Im only 20, Im ripe for heavy lifting and I recover from training sessions pretty quick. Be careful, weightlifting is a great way to get hurt! Believe it or not, middle-aged powerlifters are often the strongest, the strongest guy at our gym is in his mid thirties if I am not mistaken. It takes time for the muscles to fully mature, they have separate divisions in powerlifting for age groups. I was told that it takes 25 years of age before you can expect to really be able to give max efforts…and low and behold, the best lifters at my gym are all 25 and up, save for one beast of a 20 year old who is already elite class. Kid is my age, 220lbs and squats like 750. Im 165 and squat 330. I might be able to squat 350 with tight knee wraps (I just learned how to properly wrap my knees yesterday and got 5 reps easily when I expected to struggle to get 3)

But my hobby is ridiculous and extreme. You should try bodybuilding, it’s much less risky, more comfortable and provides lots of structure to your days. I was a bodybuilder in my senior year of high school, I got about to about 180 and was satisfied with looking like a gorilla. You have to eat like a poop machine though.

Or martial arts. Krav Maga is getting very popular and is in lots of cities, its a great workout and it’s also very practical and no-nonsense self defense. It’s the hand to hand combat used by the Israeli military. I did it for about a year and a half, did some weightlifting, lots of squats and bench pressing and shoulder pressing, got a couple of belts, then studied the textbooks and beat everyone except the chief instructor in a sparring day. I decided I knew enough Krav Maga right then and quit, but I still have some heavy bags to practice on when it’s warm outside.

Before I got into Krav, I would do calisthenics (pull ups, push ups, using your own weight exercises) and I did a 45 minute run every day. I was lean and muscular but not powerful. For longevity, heart and joint health, that kind of military exercise is the best. But I just can’t be satisfied without hundreds of pounds being pushed or pulled.

Anyways that was another of my rants but I have been a fitness junkie since I was 16 and wanted to share my thoughts.

I just mean starting some light exercise, anything more than sitting in front of the computer all day. :smile: I’m way out of shape.

I started small. Doing a combination of yoga/stretching for a couple of minutes each day. About a month ago I got a stepper. So I can do 10+ minutes a day in the privacy of my own home.


Another migraine day. Ate, was sick , still in pain so done nothing today. Roll on Tuesday when I get my massage. That should sort me out for a couple of weeks