My glasses broke

Well if you thought my typing sucked before… lol
. I just took them lff a d they broke and i am blind as bat so weee


Bummer…I keep a reserve pair going. I get one every few years free from the government but only need them for reading. I pick up one pair I pay for better frames and take the free ones as a backup. I know our systems are different but always get a backup!

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My glasses are getting old but work okay. I’ve been using pre-moistened towelettes to clean them and have trouble seeing out of them. Just this weekend I tried cleaning them with water and dishwashing soap, and I can see clearly out of them again.

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Suggest getting replacements from Zenni Optical (thanks to @ninjastar for the recommend). Make sure you search for coupon codes before submitting the order - they always have a good promotion running.


My roommate in the damn hospital took off all his clothes and wrapped himself in cellophane. I put on my glasses in the morning, took one look at him and told him, “I can clearly see you’re nuts.”


No one in my family knows why my eyes a just a tiny bit off.

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Zenni is fantastic. Saved my bacon when I had no insirance.

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