My girlfriend is going to the doctor today

much needed appt. with the doctor this morning…so happy for her…now she can get her MRI and prove her disability even more…getting a new laptop for her and a new computer for the house today and tomorrow…yayyyy…good news for a change…


What’s wrong with your girlfriend? I hope she’s ok


she has a really bad back…they are doing x rays tomorrow and then after that…an MRI.

I understand bad backs. They’re awful. My husband broke his back in 4 places. They put metal in his spine and fused part of his spine. He’s in so much pain 24/7 that he now has a pain pump in his back and he still manages to be in tons of pain. I hope your girlfriends pain is temporary.

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she will probably require surgery…something’s terribly wrong…

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My dad had surgery on his spine and he’s fine. So fingers crossed that it’s not like my husbands situation.

@ZmaGal, @jukebox, The only thing that manages my back pain is yoga. If I don’t practice it, I’m in so much pain I can’t move.

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My husbands mobility is too limited for yoga. The fused spine and metal makes a lot of movement physically impossible. But I’m glad it helps you.

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