My friend of 30 years ago didn't remember me

So, on a whim, I called her up and was sort of let down because she didn’t even remember who I was. We were roommates for awhile in a home. We both left it, she got pregnant and had a daughter she left for her parents to give care to and then I left town. I had a long list of things I wanted to talk with her about and really was disappointed. She sounded like she didn’t want to talk so I hung up. I think I’ll wait awhile and write her a letter. I Googled her it said something about her being a male. So, that’s new.


30yrs ago? Thats a lot, thats my age lol I forgot my childhood friends except for one or two as I have them on fb.

You have to remember, @Aziz She is 64 and I am 77.

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I don’t even remember the names of friends I had just 8 years ago. I don’t talk to them anymore, so why would I care to remember their names or details about them?

I’m not trying to be insensitive, just trying to give you a different perspective. Some people just have a lot going on in their current life, there’s just not much use holding onto unnecessary details from such a long time ago. I’m that kind of person. I focus on the current events and people in my life; I don’t think much about people no longer in my life.

I remember basically anyone I’ve met for the most part whether I want to remember or not

Are you 100% sure that you got ahold of the right person?

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I was wondering the same thing as @Bowens . Are you sure you got the right lady?

After 30 years, I think a letter with an invite to call you is better than putting her on the spot on the phone. Remind her of good times you had together and if she remembers and wants to talk, it’s on her terms

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@ZmaGal ,@Bowens Yes, I’m sure. I recognized her voice. I also asked her about her daughter.


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