Still can't sleep

So, tell me how your day went.

Mine was interesting… My 22 y.o. son is suddenly moving back to the area and needed money (drama follows this kid where ever he goes). Then I had my 1st mammogram today.

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How old are u valarie …!!!

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I am 40. 151515

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How old are you?

Are u on disability…???

I am 31 …and jobless nearly homeless…!!!

my back is sore from papering yesterday, i am good to my mother lol

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No. Just applied Wednesday, lol.

your sonn might help you out more now that he is moving closer :slight_smile:

do you see him a lot?

Sorry to hear that. Do you feel able to work?

He’s been living in Texas for the last 4 months (I live in Michigan). Before that I would see him about once a week. He’s a good kid. Married to a nice girl. But having them around increases my Anxiety for some reason. They both are very intrusive by nature and since developing Sz, I have a hard time dealing with people in general and them in particular…

But I love him and know they both mean well.

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I cant work…!!! Valarie i want to cry …!!! God bless.!!

Sorry far_cry0! Didn’t mean to upset you. I can’t work either. I wish the best for you!

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