My forehead is glowing

Got my second Pfizer inoculation yesterday and feel feverish today. I hope it passes soon.

I think I’m about the last one to get the jab.

Anyone still not vaccinated?


Hmm. . .

I Never Put Much Thought Into The Covid Virus.

That Is What You’re Talking About Isn’t It?.

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Yes it is. Pfizer is one of the COVID vaccines.

Hmm. . .

I Had No Idea.

Still Don’t Really. Medication Subjects Are Slightly Boring.

It Seems To Be A Topic Some Folks Find Value In.

I Suppose Health Should Be Of Concern.

But!, That Whole Virus Thing Seemed Useless.

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I’m still not vaccinated. I’m trapped in lockdown in Australia because our vaccination rollout is woeful.


I’m not vaccinated. :bear::bear::bear:

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i got both moderna shots. good for you that you had both of them now too. I hop ethe feverish feeling passes soon!

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I was a mix and matcher. My first shot was Astrazeneca, my arm hurt for about a week and I had mild chills for a few days. My second shot was Pfizer, my arm hurt a little for about 3 days and no side effects.

I’ve been fully vaxxed for a while now, few weeks, maybe a month.

When it comes to this particular virus I don’t trust my immune system.


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