My first voices

It was 1998 and I was a Quality Manager in one Internet company in America and suddenly during the day I started having voices that ‘You are with the Devil’, this was then when I understood I had schizophrenia because in my family we have many sz people. The year 1999 was very difficult as my diary entries would show. And then 20 years ago I went through a divorce in America and during the divorce hearing at court I had many voices such as ‘Take a 5th’ and so on. Those were difficult times.


My first encounter with the voice of Alien was in 1998 or 1999 too - somewhere there when I was in junior high school and 14/15 years old. I didn’t know what voices were and where they came from nor that their names were Alien and Sarah. But the first thing I remember Alien saying to me was “you’ll get sick if you go down the stairs”. I was walking down the crowded corridors from one class to another and had to go down a flight of stairs to get to my next class. Hearing this voice threatening me gave me panic attacks.

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