My first attempt at a rhyming poem

TV blaring
“How are you faring?”
Not well
What’s there to tell
I feel like a shell
Of what I used to be.

Locked away
Neverending day
Afraid of what may
Be my demise.
If only they’d realize
That I despise
What I used to be.

It can’t go longer
I can’t be stronger
Using time to ponder
This life I own
No more is known
The sadness grown
From what I used to be.

Is this the end?
This message I send?
Is there more to lend
From my fragile heart
Falling apart
It’s over. Not the start.
I’m not who I used to be.


Awe. It’s good but dark…Hope your well and not stewing on things. One positive thing a day. Really helps but poem is good. Well done.


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