My favorite English magzine for English learning

I am a Chinese person and I always buy English magzine for English learning. The magzine is " The World of English"


Hate to break it to you, but I read the first paragraph of that (the English translation), and that is the most clumsy and awkward English I’ve ever heard. If a native speaker spoke that way to me, I’d immediately wonder if they’re mentally ill or on drugs.

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So my English is awkward too, right?

no walter…your english is fine and I also read some of your literature and it seems fine…well written even…

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I’d say you’re actually more proficient than that book you’re reading. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your compliment.

Some of the Englsih essays on this magzine are difficult for me to read and understand.

I wish I had a better recommendation of a learning source for you. Mandarin and English are both difficult languages in their own right, and translating from one to another is tricky. When I try to do Ukrainian to English and vice versa, it comes out cobbled and you have to take interpretive liberties with the material.

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Yes, translation is tricky and sometimes translation is possible.

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Thank you juke. I am a reader. I am not a writer of the essays on the magzine.

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what up chang… u are good in english…

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I show the native English speakers about my learning materials of English.

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When in uni I read ‘the economist’ to improve my english. They always use fancy words.

Yeah, don’t buy those magazines. If possible, just read here and go to English websites. Not sure which sites are banned in China, though.

Plus talking here will help you learn more conversational English.

As it stands your written English is very good. If you have trouble speaking it, try to look up how to pronounce different words on Google. They have recordings of different words.

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Keep in mind that no one expects your English to be perfect. I think you speak English very well by the way.

Your English is fine, you actually sound better than some native English speakers. :slight_smile:

My wife the English teacher said it’s a valid use of word imagery bordering on poetry and that it is representative of more advanced writing. It’s uncommon, but not incorrect.

I read that article you posted, it is bad/confusing English. I recommend you find another magazine to read, one written by native English speakers, or stick to English websites. (Almost anything except Shakespeare, that English can get confusing fast, lol)

Your posts on this website are coherent and make sense, far better than that magazine article you posted. I’d say your English is pretty good.

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Thank you guys for your replies.

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